24 March, 2010

Three Things

Three things I think libertarian activists need to start insisting on, if we are to have any hope of getting even a vague handle on our impending economic train-wreck:

1. A Balanced Budget Amendment, which would mandate that all government spending must be paid for with the funds the government has rather than allowing it to get further and further into debt.
2. Replacement of the current income tax structure with a Flat Tax (might require a constitutional amendment, perhaps even a partial repeal of the 16th Amendment). I would suggest a flat tax of 15% for incomes below $100,000/yr, and 25% for those above.
3. An amendment giving the President the power of a Line Item Veto, so as to target ear marks and pet pork projects that really have no place in these bills.

I'd also like to see a Term Limits Amendment for Congress, say 6 consecutive terms (12 years) for Congressmen and 2 consecutive terms (12 years) for the Senate.  I don't think its something to insist upon, but if it can be done I think it would be a good idea.

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