30 March, 2010

A Step in the Right Direction

Well, I know some aren't going to like this, but I've always thought that it was better to work from within the system than without.

According to this AP piece, President Obama is now acknowledging that the Tea Party movement have some "legitimate" concerns about government reach and spending, but he still contends that the core of the movement is on the fringe. I personally think he's wrong about the "core" of the movement -- I think they are far closer to mainstream America than the Left gives them credit -- but at least there seems to be some curbing of the incendiary rhetoric from the Obama camp. I suspect part of the reason may be that the internal poll numbers they are showing could be indicating that support for his policies may be even worse than that USA Today poll indicated.

I guess we'll see if this means any softening on some of his economic positions. But I suspect on the key elements (namely further government control and more spending), it will not mean much.

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