31 March, 2010

Do you know these guys?

Who says that the Tea Partiers can't police their own?

Greyhawk at the Mudville Gazette is trying to identify the following individuals:

Why? Because he takes exception to the message of violence on their signs, and feels they are not what the Tea Party should be all about:
So, are they "Tea Partiers"? Let me answer that one up front: I don't care. (Disclaimer: I don't even know what makes someone a "Tea Partier.") I wouldn't be shocked or surprised if these guys could make that claim - though it's worth noting that these guys' signage - in message or quality - absolutely isn't "typical" of the hundreds of others I've seen online. Likewise if I wanted to discredit the Tea Partiers (or foment violence against them) I would have to invent these guys if they didn't exist. Since either possibility leads to violence - which I absolutely oppose - I can honestly state that's why I don't care if they're Tea Partiers or "plants". These guys advocate violence, and I've spent my adult life helping to ensure domestic tranquility.

Whats more, a large number of Tea Party activists agree with him, and are trying to help him identify the individuals in question... and to do what they can to distance the Tea Party from that message of hate and violence.

Go over to his blog and read his entire write-up.

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