30 March, 2010

Note to Liberal Elite: It's Not About Race -- Real Clear Politics

I've said it before, and the more I hear people play the race card in regards to the Tea Party movement, the more I think it is true: These unfounded charges of racism say more about the people making them than about the Tea Partiers themselves.

David Paul Kuhn has a great piece at Real Clear Politics today, about why these baseless charges are going to end up hurting the Democrats the more they make them.

From Ace of Spades blog, a great point:

Here's something I know about calling people racists and hatemongers when they aren't racists or hatemongers.

It pisses them off.

Another dose of political reality: not only is the racism charge not sticking, but Health Care Reform continues to be unpopular, according to a USA Today poll released today (and USA Today is one of the more Democratic-leaning pollsters around, which probably means the dissatisfaction is being under-counted here).

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