25 March, 2010

This Saturday is Human Achievement Hour!!

Don't forget: this Saturday is Human Achievement Hour, where we get to celebrate humanity's long climb from superstitious barbarism to the world of today! Join us in celebrating Man's glorious achievements in Modern Medicine and Technology! Longer, healthier lives! Democracy! Efficient transportation! Accurate weather prediction! More leisure time than we know what to do with! Wii Game Systems!! All the things that have made modern life a million times better than having to shovel cow shit every day and living in insect-ridden mud huts surrounded by cholera-infested water!

How do you participate in this celebration?

Simple: at 8:30 pm this Saturday (March 27, 2010), TURN ON EVERY LIGHT IN YOUR HOUSE!!! Turn on the TV, too! And the stereo system -- heck, CRANK IT UP!! Keep them on for ONE ENTIRE HOUR!! Celebrate the advent of technology by USING AS MUCH OF IT AS YOU CAN FOR ONE ENTIRE HOUR!! Woohoo!!

Join us on Facebook and TELL THE WORLD!!

Celebrate Human Achievement Hour! For the things we shouldn't have to live without!

Hat tip: Zelmane, via email (re-posted with permission)

Human Achievement Hour 2010 on National Review Online

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