31 March, 2010

More Fuzzy Warm Feelings from the Caring, Tolerant, Rational, Completely Hate-Free Left

Some pictures from the March 20, 2010 Anti-War Rally in Los Angeles, CA, courtesy of Ringo the Gringo at Ringo's Pictures:

Since when did anti-Semitism become such a big thing in the Anti-War movement?

Oh. Never mind, I just answered my question.

 Again, where is the condemnation?  Why are these racist bigots tolerated by the progressive Left?

You always hear liberals talk loudly about how conservatives need to condemn the Birther movement, but you never hear them condemn the Truthers in their own midst.

Nothing like walking around with a poster of a psychopathic mass murderer displayed proudly.

I find the fact that there is a price tag on this t-shirt to be both hilarious and quite zen.  Oh, and look!  There's even a trademark symbol on the shirt!

Ah yes, it wouldn't be a protest without the LaRouchies.

Based on the content of these last several protest images, I eagerly await Keith Olbermann's upcoming Opinion Commentary condemning the entire Anti-War movement.

This is just a small sampling from Ringo's Pictures Blog.  I strongly suggest you check it out!

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