16 July, 2006

Trip Report, Day One

Currently I Am In: Hinckley, MN

Welcome to the most more boring trip report that you are ever likely to read. Or not read, as the case may be.

Well, the first day of this trip is behind us. Not much to really say, as we spend the whole day driving. About the only real stops we did were for bathroom breaks, gas fill ups, and lunch. Mostly, I just wanted to get us as far as possible in one day, so we can then spend the rest of the week taking a leisurely drive across to Glacier.

Interstate 94 through western Wisconsin is actually not a bad drive. The scenery is much more interesting than most of the midwest - forested hills and ridges, valleys, even small canyons. All in all, its one of the more pleasant drives one can have if they must use the Interstate. But this will be the only day we’ll be doing that, at least not until toward the end of this trip. Looking forward to the chance to get off the main roads.

Right now we’re in the town of Hinckley, Minnesota. It’s roughly halfway between Minneapolis and Duluth, along Interstate 35. Don’t know much about the place except that it had a hotel that wasn’t sold out. Oh yes, and it has an Indian Casino of some kind. Unforseen Consequences department: We are now far enough north that even at 9:30 PM, there’s still a significant amount of light outside. Just try to tell a pair of hyper-active 6-year-old twin boys that its time to go to bed, and explaining that it doesn’t matter how light it was outside, it really was passed their bed time.

Tomorrow we should end up in Bimidji, Minnesota. Home of Paul Bunyan, source of the Mississippi, and reputed Curling Capital of the United States. We may spend our first night in a tent tomorrow, depending on how the weather is. If that’s the case, then chances are there won’t be a report posted. But if the weather isn’t good, then we’ll probably get a motel room, in which case I’ll post something. Hopefully our first pictures will up then, too.

That’s it for today. Hopefully a more substantial post next time.

We're Off!

Currently I Am In: Chicago, IL

7:58 AM CDT, 16 July, 2006.  We're on our way.

15 July, 2006

Trip Start Delay

Currently I Am In: Chicago, IL


Last minute hitch.  Seems my wife was under the impression I'd be leaving this evening, not this morning.  She already made plans for this afternoon, plans that were to include the kids.  So, it looks like I'm going to be leaving tomorrow rather than today.  No big deal, it just means I add an extra day at the end.  :)

It does mean I have to abandon one of the side trips I'd planned.  I was planning on taking a swing by Voyageurs National Park in northern Minnesota, but since we have to be in West Glacier, MT on July 21, a side trip to Voyageurs with one day less would have put too much of a crimp on the schedule.  I'm planning on taking US 2 across Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana and avoid the Interstate.  The good part of that plan is that we get a better look at the scenary and drive through a number of quaint, small towns (which I rather enjoy).  Bad part of that plan is, it takes a lot longer to go the same distance than it does on the Interstate.

Anyway, all this means is that I get an extra day to decompress after the hectic pace I've had these last few weeks.  Perhaps I can even get caught up on my comics....

13 July, 2006

Beast Boy Sighting!

Not exactly a BB/RCBW, but here's a little tidbit.

It seems Gar is going to be at the DCU version of SDCC, namely the Sub Diego Comic Con. From DC's 52 - The Website comes this rundown of events at the convention:

Other highlights for the weekend include appearances by former "Space Trek 2099" star Garfield Logan and actor-director Fletcher Carlin, promoting this summer's "Shaolin Hustler."


I guess I'm easily amused.

12 July, 2006

Getting Ready

Currently I am in: Chicago, IL

Well, I'm almost ready for this here trip out west.  Greatly looking forward to it.  Things have been way too hectic around here, and I really need the time away.  I'm planning on spending tomorrow (Thursday) getting the last of my work done, then spend tomorrow evening and all day Friday getting packed and ready.  The three of us (my two sons, Martin and Liam, and I) will probably be leaving early Saturday morning.  The plan will be to spend the first day driving all day, just to get it out of the way.  After that, we'll be spending a liesurely drive through Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana for about a week until we arrive in the neighborhood of Glacier National Park, at which point we will have hotel rooms avialable to us for about a week.  After that, a slightly quicker drive back home.  All In all, I'm really looking forward to it.

Hopefully I will be keeping a running commentary of our trip on this blog.  So keep watching this space.  Which is why this little entry is here, because I'm checking to make sure the wireless card in my laptop is working properly and I can now send email from it.  If you are reading this on my blog, then that means it is.  Anyway, wish us luck.

11 July, 2006

Pluto's Moons

To show you how busy I've been, I missed this bit of news when it was first announced:

Two new moons that were discovered last year orbiting the planet Pluto were given official designations last month by the IAU. The two moons are now officially dubbed Nix and Hydra. In Greek mythology, Nix was the Goddess of the Night, and the mother to Charon the ferryman (who shuttled the dead souls over to the underworld). Hyrdra was a mythological creature that guarded the way into the underworld. Both objects join Charon as known moons of Pluto. There may actually be more orbiting the tiny planet, but we probably won't know until the New Horizons space probe arrives in the Plutonian system in 2015.

For those who care, additional information can be found here.

Pull List - Week of July 12

So what's Doug getting this week?

52 #10 - This title and Teen Titans are the only comics in the last month that I've actually made the time to read.  Still going strong.
Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Bludhaven #6 - Haven't really liked this series all that much, but its got the Titans in it, so I'll be picking it up.
Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #27
Green Arrow #64
Nightwing #122 - I'm still picking up this series more for Jason Todd than for Dick Grayson.  However, it looks like Bruce Jones' tenure on the title is about to come a premature end, and Marv Wolfman will be penning it for at least one four-issue arc.  Here's hoping Mr. Wolfman can put Nightwing and Nightwing back on track.
Superman: Infinite Crisis (TPB)

10 July, 2006

A few words

Well, some people have been wondering where I've been these last few weeks, and why I haven't been doing any updates to this blog.  The basic answer is, I've been very busy with work and family obligations, and just haven't had the time to indulge in my hobbies to any great extent.  Right now I'm about three weeks behind in my comics reading, which should tell you just how busy things have been.  I'm slowly going through my To Read pile, but its slow going as I can only squeeze them in during those few moments I have free time.

The good news is, I will very shortly be having quite a bit of free time.  The bad news is, it'll be when I'm on vacation, and hence won't have access to new comics   So for the time being, you probably won't be seeing much in the way of comics discussions on this blog.  Maybe a review or two, or if the whim strikes me, perhaps I'll indulge in an essay or something likewise.  But any discussion on current comic books will be limited, as I just won't have access to them until I return.  Thankfully, its doubtful that there will be any need for a BB/RCBW update in the next few weeks, although I suppose there's always the chance of a minor appearance in 52 or some other title.  But if one does show up, I won't be posting an update until I return.

Still, I do plan on posting to this blog all through my vacation.  I'll be taking my two boys, Martin and Liam, and we'll be heading out to Glacier National Park in Montana.  But we won't be taking the direct route, nosiree.  My hope is to avoid the Interstates for as much as possible, and stick to the less travelled roads all the way out there.  So if you want to read about our adventures on the Great Trek West '06, keep watching these pages.  Incidentally, we leave on July 15.

And to everyone else, Have A Great Summer!

06 July, 2006

The Beast Boy and Raven Comic Book Watch - Week of July 5, 2006

Teen Titans #37
Story by Geoff Johns, Pencils by Tony Daniel, Inks by Kevin Conrad.

AT LAST!!! We have an explanation. AND IT AIN’T OVER, GUYS!!!

1) First off, Brain himself confirms he is "of that persuasion".

2) The members of the Doom Patrol and the Teen Titans call Chief out on his treatment of them. Mento makes his return

3) OK, first of all, we have to take the good news with the bad. Here’s the bad: Beast Boy isn’t coming back to the Titans anytime soon, and here he explains why:

4) Now, here’s the good news. On one of the security tapes, Raven explains why she’s leaving the team.

Significant things here: 1) She calls Garfield "Gar"; up until this point, whenever she’s talked about him he has always been "Garfield". 2) She left because of an outside influence. Quite possibly she didn’t even tell Gar why, either (although chances are, Gar may have reviewed the tapes and hence may have already seen this sequence). In any case, it doesn’t sound to me like anything is over; just on pause for the moment.

5) The issue had some ‘shippiness - just not the ‘ship you were expecting.

Well, that’s going to be a real test of friendship if (and when) Conner returns...


The next new issue of Teen Titans - #38 - is scheduled for August 6th release, which will be the first issue of the "Titans Around the World" story arc (which will also see the return of Raven to the team). But before that, on July 26, the latest Teen Titans trade paperback, Teen Titans: Life and Death, will be released. This is significant because it will reprint TT #29-33, among other things. TT #30, of course, is the issue with The Kiss. So if you couldn’t get the issue when it came out last December, you will soon be able to pick it up in TPB form.

Beyond Teen Titans, there are some things to keep an eye out for. First off, Beast Boy and the Doom Patrol will be making an appearance in Secret Six #4, which is scheduled to come out on August 23rd. The current OYL team of Teen Titans also continue to appear in the Battle for Bludhaven mini-series (issue #6, the final issue, will be released on July 12th), and will also be appearing in Action Comics #841 (July 26th). Gar and Raven are not likely to appear in either of those issues, but I thought I’d mention it.

Farther on the horizon, Gar and Raven are slated to appear in 52 #21, which will be coming out in September. They may show up in other issues, but right now that’s the only issue its known they will definitely be in. No word on when the Raven mini series will start, but October or November is looking likely. Beyond that there may be a Doom Patrol mini series, but that won’t materialize until early 2007 at the earliest. The bad news is, after the Secret Six crossover mentioned above, Garfield might not be showing anywhere outside of 52 for some time, possibly for the rest of the year. Grumble.

And one last thing. For those who may be interested, I’ve made a quick avatar based on the OYL image of Raven posted above:

Anyone who wants to use it, feel free.

Remember, Keep the Faith, don’t let the bashers get you down, and SUPPORT BB & RAE _ BUY THE TEEN TITANS COMIC BOOK!!