10 July, 2006

A few words

Well, some people have been wondering where I've been these last few weeks, and why I haven't been doing any updates to this blog.  The basic answer is, I've been very busy with work and family obligations, and just haven't had the time to indulge in my hobbies to any great extent.  Right now I'm about three weeks behind in my comics reading, which should tell you just how busy things have been.  I'm slowly going through my To Read pile, but its slow going as I can only squeeze them in during those few moments I have free time.

The good news is, I will very shortly be having quite a bit of free time.  The bad news is, it'll be when I'm on vacation, and hence won't have access to new comics   So for the time being, you probably won't be seeing much in the way of comics discussions on this blog.  Maybe a review or two, or if the whim strikes me, perhaps I'll indulge in an essay or something likewise.  But any discussion on current comic books will be limited, as I just won't have access to them until I return.  Thankfully, its doubtful that there will be any need for a BB/RCBW update in the next few weeks, although I suppose there's always the chance of a minor appearance in 52 or some other title.  But if one does show up, I won't be posting an update until I return.

Still, I do plan on posting to this blog all through my vacation.  I'll be taking my two boys, Martin and Liam, and we'll be heading out to Glacier National Park in Montana.  But we won't be taking the direct route, nosiree.  My hope is to avoid the Interstates for as much as possible, and stick to the less travelled roads all the way out there.  So if you want to read about our adventures on the Great Trek West '06, keep watching these pages.  Incidentally, we leave on July 15.

And to everyone else, Have A Great Summer!

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KTHunter said...

That sounds like so much fun! I hope you have a wonderful trip! I look forward to hearing about your adventures. I hope your sons enjoy it.