11 July, 2006

Pull List - Week of July 12

So what's Doug getting this week?

52 #10 - This title and Teen Titans are the only comics in the last month that I've actually made the time to read.  Still going strong.
Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Bludhaven #6 - Haven't really liked this series all that much, but its got the Titans in it, so I'll be picking it up.
Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #27
Green Arrow #64
Nightwing #122 - I'm still picking up this series more for Jason Todd than for Dick Grayson.  However, it looks like Bruce Jones' tenure on the title is about to come a premature end, and Marv Wolfman will be penning it for at least one four-issue arc.  Here's hoping Mr. Wolfman can put Nightwing and Nightwing back on track.
Superman: Infinite Crisis (TPB)

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