15 July, 2006

Trip Start Delay

Currently I Am In: Chicago, IL


Last minute hitch.  Seems my wife was under the impression I'd be leaving this evening, not this morning.  She already made plans for this afternoon, plans that were to include the kids.  So, it looks like I'm going to be leaving tomorrow rather than today.  No big deal, it just means I add an extra day at the end.  :)

It does mean I have to abandon one of the side trips I'd planned.  I was planning on taking a swing by Voyageurs National Park in northern Minnesota, but since we have to be in West Glacier, MT on July 21, a side trip to Voyageurs with one day less would have put too much of a crimp on the schedule.  I'm planning on taking US 2 across Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana and avoid the Interstate.  The good part of that plan is that we get a better look at the scenary and drive through a number of quaint, small towns (which I rather enjoy).  Bad part of that plan is, it takes a lot longer to go the same distance than it does on the Interstate.

Anyway, all this means is that I get an extra day to decompress after the hectic pace I've had these last few weeks.  Perhaps I can even get caught up on my comics....

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