06 July, 2006

The Beast Boy and Raven Comic Book Watch - Week of July 5, 2006

Teen Titans #37
Story by Geoff Johns, Pencils by Tony Daniel, Inks by Kevin Conrad.

AT LAST!!! We have an explanation. AND IT AIN’T OVER, GUYS!!!

1) First off, Brain himself confirms he is "of that persuasion".

2) The members of the Doom Patrol and the Teen Titans call Chief out on his treatment of them. Mento makes his return

3) OK, first of all, we have to take the good news with the bad. Here’s the bad: Beast Boy isn’t coming back to the Titans anytime soon, and here he explains why:

4) Now, here’s the good news. On one of the security tapes, Raven explains why she’s leaving the team.

Significant things here: 1) She calls Garfield "Gar"; up until this point, whenever she’s talked about him he has always been "Garfield". 2) She left because of an outside influence. Quite possibly she didn’t even tell Gar why, either (although chances are, Gar may have reviewed the tapes and hence may have already seen this sequence). In any case, it doesn’t sound to me like anything is over; just on pause for the moment.

5) The issue had some ‘shippiness - just not the ‘ship you were expecting.

Well, that’s going to be a real test of friendship if (and when) Conner returns...


The next new issue of Teen Titans - #38 - is scheduled for August 6th release, which will be the first issue of the "Titans Around the World" story arc (which will also see the return of Raven to the team). But before that, on July 26, the latest Teen Titans trade paperback, Teen Titans: Life and Death, will be released. This is significant because it will reprint TT #29-33, among other things. TT #30, of course, is the issue with The Kiss. So if you couldn’t get the issue when it came out last December, you will soon be able to pick it up in TPB form.

Beyond Teen Titans, there are some things to keep an eye out for. First off, Beast Boy and the Doom Patrol will be making an appearance in Secret Six #4, which is scheduled to come out on August 23rd. The current OYL team of Teen Titans also continue to appear in the Battle for Bludhaven mini-series (issue #6, the final issue, will be released on July 12th), and will also be appearing in Action Comics #841 (July 26th). Gar and Raven are not likely to appear in either of those issues, but I thought I’d mention it.

Farther on the horizon, Gar and Raven are slated to appear in 52 #21, which will be coming out in September. They may show up in other issues, but right now that’s the only issue its known they will definitely be in. No word on when the Raven mini series will start, but October or November is looking likely. Beyond that there may be a Doom Patrol mini series, but that won’t materialize until early 2007 at the earliest. The bad news is, after the Secret Six crossover mentioned above, Garfield might not be showing anywhere outside of 52 for some time, possibly for the rest of the year. Grumble.

And one last thing. For those who may be interested, I’ve made a quick avatar based on the OYL image of Raven posted above:

Anyone who wants to use it, feel free.

Remember, Keep the Faith, don’t let the bashers get you down, and SUPPORT BB & RAE _ BUY THE TEEN TITANS COMIC BOOK!!


Quiggly said...

Ooh!! I wants ta use it!


I live for these updates ^^ I feel as though my spirits have been lifted, and the clouds have parted.

Sara said...

You're Beast Boy and Raven comic book watches are awesome.

See you at the forums.


Sara said...

..."your" not "you're".

Dang. I hate when I do that.


DeTroyes said...

Thanks, guys. Its good to know that people actually use this little resource I've been doing!

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