26 September, 2006

Pull List - Week of September 27, 2006

DC Comics

52 #21
Action Comics #843
Blue Beetle #7
Justice League Of America #2
Secret Six #4
Supergirl #10
Teen Titans #39
Trials Of Shazam #2
Uncle Sam And The Freedom Fighters #3
Superman: Up Up And Away (TPB)
JSA: Mixed Signals (TPB)


CSI: Dying In The Gutters #2

I'm Back!

Just got in the evening. God, that was a long drive.

17 September, 2006

On the road again...

Currently I Am In: Des Moines, Iowa

Currently in a Best Western just outside of Des Moines.  Got off to a late start yesterday due to some last minute hitches, and didn't get nearly as far as I'd hoped.  I'm hoping to be across most of Nebraska by day's end, but am not certain I'll be able to achieve that.  Crossing my fingers.

15 September, 2006

Pull List - Week of September 20

(Or at least, what my pull list would have been if I didn't have to go play at being a trucker for a week.)

52 #20
Birds of Prey #98
Checkmate #6
The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #4
Shadowpact #5
Supergirl #10 (alright, alright, krystal_method and you others. You've convinced me to put it back on my pull list!)

NOTE: This week officially marks that Robin has been dropped from my pull list. Haven't really been enjoying that title, so its now time to move on.

14 September, 2006

Going on the road again.

Looks like I've been roped into helping my mother-in-law move her stuff to her new home... in Oregon. Which means I'm going to be on the road for most of the next week. Which in turn means, I probably am going to be scarce for a time. Maybe I'll try to post some things while I'm on the road (but seeing as I still haven't posted the rest of my log from the last trip I took, perhaps not). Anyway, wish me luck, and see everyone when I get back!

2003-UB313 gets a name.

Dwarf Planet UB313 - the recently discovered distant object, whose discovery touched off the debate which ultimately stripped Pluto of its status as a full-fledged Planet - has now been officially named. The IAU Nomenclature committee yesterday announced the name Eris has been assigned to the object. The single known moon was also given a name, Dysnomia. The assignment of the name Eris is actually rather fitting, since in ancient Greek mythology Eris was the Goddess of discord and strife (according to Homer, it was Eris who set in motion the quarrel that eventually led to the Trojan War). This means that, along with last week's assignment of an asteroid number to the object by the Minor Planet Center, the objects official designation is now 136199 Eris.

Largest Known Dwarf Planet Gets a Name

12 September, 2006

Oh, how the mightly have fallen...

Fresh on the heels of its demotion from the ranks of recognized planets, the Minor Planet Center - the internationally recognized organization that maintains catalogues of all known sub-planet objects in our solar system - has issued an asteroid number for Pluto. Its official designation is now 134340 Pluto. Asteroid numbers (but NOT names - that's handled by a seperate organization) were also assigned to 2003 UB313 (136199), 2003 EL61 (136108), and 2005 FY9 (136472).

Minor Planet Electronic Circular #2006-R19

10 September, 2006

Pull List - Week of September 13, 2006

On September 13th, the seventh anniversary of the moon being blown out of orbit, I will be picking up:

52 #19
Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #29 (like this title, but the current sales numbers make me nervous about its future)
Green Arrow #66
Martian Manhunter #2
Doom Patrol, Vol. IV: Musclebound (TPB) (More Morrison Doom Patrol!)

A rather slow week for me.

Doom Patrol watch

Not so good news to report for Doom Patrol fans.  Dan Didio at this weekend's Baltimore ComicCon confirms that there are no plans for a Doom Patrol mini-series anytime in the future.

Gar remains in limbo.


08 September, 2006

Secret Six #4 Delayed

Just a general note: According to DC's website, Secret Six #4 has now been delayed to September 27 - the same release day as Teen Titans #39, Teen Titans Go! #35, and the Titans-heavy 52 #21.  A very, very heavy day of Teen Titans-related releases.

So unless something surprising comes up in the next few weeks, no BBRCBW until the end of the month.

The Beast Boy and Raven Comic Book Watch - Week of September 6, 2006

Hello there! Welcome to a special "Blink and You'll Miss It!" edition of the BBRCBW!

It seems Beast Boy has been making a bunch of cameo appearances lately, ones I didn't even realize were out there. Special thanks to ladydiane10001, retro_takeout, and saturn girl for spotting these cameos and making me aware of them! So just to bring us up to date on things....

The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #2
Written by Danny Bilson & Paul Demeo; pencils by Ken Lashley; inks by Walden Wong and Jay Leisten.

1) Bart Allen does some reminiscing about his life. Briefly, he touches upon his days as a Teen Titan. Gar appears in the back ground during the flashback.

Jusice #7
Written by Jim Krueger & Alex Ross; art by Doug Braithwaite and Alex Ross

1) Martian Manhunter and Zatanna ask Nigel Caulder of the Doom Patrol to examine Aquaman. While they are discussing Aquaman's condition, Gar makes a few guest appearances. Here he can be seen in the lower right corner of one panel as a wolf, and in the upper right corner of another as a bird.

NOTE: This is almost certainly a very young, pre-Teen Titans Garfield.

2) Gar as a cat surprises Zatanna.

Outsiders #39 & #40
Written by Judd Winick; pencils by Matthew Clark and Ron Randall; inks by Art Thibert.

This is the one that actually surprised me and was quite unexpected. In previous issues, The Outsiders were investigating the source of cloned versions of various superheroes. The source turns out to be Mallah and The Brain, who have evidently been collecting DNA samples from meta-humans for years.

1) And the very first sample they collected? Beast Boy's.

2) Unfortunately for them (but fortunately for us), the clones Mallah and The Brain are making are of an inferior quality and disintergrate after a month or so. Also, their powers don't quite work the same way that their original did. Still, Mallah and The Brain do manage to put together what appears to be a pseudo-clone of Beast Boy.

3) Gar shows up on a monitor screen of superheros whom Mallah and The Brain have collected DNA samples of.

Since this story is still ongoing, there's a possibility we could see more of Beast Boy's almost-clone in coming issues.


Well, that's it for now. Next issue of the BBRCBW will be next week, with the release of Secret Six #4. See you then!

04 September, 2006

Pull List -- Week of September 6th

DC Comics
52 #18
Nightwing #124 (Bruce Jones last issue.)
Outsiders #40
Batman: Face the Face (TPB)
Batman: Gotham by Gaslight (TPB)

Beast Boy & Raven Comic Book Watch - Week of August 30, 2006

Yeah, I know. I'm late by a few days. Sorry, but I've had family and work matters to contend with. But we now have some news, probably more good than bad, to report. So, here we go.

Teen Titans #38
Story by Geoff Johns; Cover by Tony Daniel; pencils by Carlos Ferriera; inks by Art Thibert and Drew Geraci.

Cyborg finds an enigmatic message from Raven on one of the surveillance videos left for him, and decides that its time for the Titans to go out and find her.

1) Raven explains why she left the Titans. Big news, Gar doesn't know the reason why she broke up with him.

Notice the really look of regret on Raven.

2) Eventually, the Titans track her down to an apartment in Beijing. They don't find her there, but they do find she has been trying to figure out who the traitor is. There is a splash page with polaroid shots of all the Titans from the One Year, and Beast Boy (Gar) is among them.

3) Final page of the issue. Raven is seen running away from some heavily armed individuals. She's carrying a book of some kind. But what book is it?

Guess we'll have to wait until next issue to find out more.


Next release of interest to us will be Secret Six #4, which is scheduled to be released on September 13th (Moon Blown-Out-Of-Orbit Day). This is the Secret Six crossover with the Doom Patrol, the last page of which I showed on the previous BBRCBW. This will almost certainly be Gar's last appearance in "current" DCU continuity for 2006.

Next issue of Teen Titans is currently scheduled for release on September 27. Yeah, I don't believe it either. But that's what DC's website currently states. On the same day, 52 #21 is also scheduled for release; this is going to be a heavily Teen Titans-centric issue, and will probably be our only chance to see any shippyness for the remainder of the year. It may also be our last glimpse of Gar until 2007, although there's still the possibility of additional appearances in 52.

No news on the release date for the first issue of Raven, but 2007 is starting to look very probable. A source has informed me that a new Doom Patrol series is unlikely in the extreme until at least summer 2007, probably much later. So, in all likelihood, no regular place for Garfield Logan for at least a year. :(


Well, that's it for the time being. Until next time, please remember. SUPPORT BB/RAE!! BUY THE TEEN TITANS COMIC BOOK!!