08 September, 2006

The Beast Boy and Raven Comic Book Watch - Week of September 6, 2006

Hello there! Welcome to a special "Blink and You'll Miss It!" edition of the BBRCBW!

It seems Beast Boy has been making a bunch of cameo appearances lately, ones I didn't even realize were out there. Special thanks to ladydiane10001, retro_takeout, and saturn girl for spotting these cameos and making me aware of them! So just to bring us up to date on things....

The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #2
Written by Danny Bilson & Paul Demeo; pencils by Ken Lashley; inks by Walden Wong and Jay Leisten.

1) Bart Allen does some reminiscing about his life. Briefly, he touches upon his days as a Teen Titan. Gar appears in the back ground during the flashback.

Jusice #7
Written by Jim Krueger & Alex Ross; art by Doug Braithwaite and Alex Ross

1) Martian Manhunter and Zatanna ask Nigel Caulder of the Doom Patrol to examine Aquaman. While they are discussing Aquaman's condition, Gar makes a few guest appearances. Here he can be seen in the lower right corner of one panel as a wolf, and in the upper right corner of another as a bird.

NOTE: This is almost certainly a very young, pre-Teen Titans Garfield.

2) Gar as a cat surprises Zatanna.

Outsiders #39 & #40
Written by Judd Winick; pencils by Matthew Clark and Ron Randall; inks by Art Thibert.

This is the one that actually surprised me and was quite unexpected. In previous issues, The Outsiders were investigating the source of cloned versions of various superheroes. The source turns out to be Mallah and The Brain, who have evidently been collecting DNA samples from meta-humans for years.

1) And the very first sample they collected? Beast Boy's.

2) Unfortunately for them (but fortunately for us), the clones Mallah and The Brain are making are of an inferior quality and disintergrate after a month or so. Also, their powers don't quite work the same way that their original did. Still, Mallah and The Brain do manage to put together what appears to be a pseudo-clone of Beast Boy.

3) Gar shows up on a monitor screen of superheros whom Mallah and The Brain have collected DNA samples of.

Since this story is still ongoing, there's a possibility we could see more of Beast Boy's almost-clone in coming issues.


Well, that's it for now. Next issue of the BBRCBW will be next week, with the release of Secret Six #4. See you then!

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Sara said...

Oh, you're welcome.

Gar's out of the Titans for the time being, but he's everywhere else, that's for sure!

Looking forward to scans from Secret Six #4.