25 March, 2010

Obamacare Backlash

The news is becoming filled with reports of violent behavior being directed at Democrats who voted for the Health Care Reform bill. While I admit to having some sympathy for those who feel frustrated at the most recent turn of events, I also have to say that there is no excuse for this kind of behavior.

We're the United States of America, not Venezuela or Nicaragua or Cuba or some other tinpot South American dictatorship, where death threats against politicians are the norm (and more often than not, carried out). These sort of tactics are no different than those employed by the brownshirts who prevented Ann Coulter from speaking in Canada. We're better than that. Our opposition is principled, but it should also be non-violent. The way to deal with politicians with whom we disagree with is through the ballot box, not with a brick through their windows.

This crap has to stop. Now. If you want to change things, work for it by supporting organizations, causes, and candidates with whom you believe in. But don't employ the tactics of thuggery to achieve your aims.

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