15 June, 2010

Updates, sort of

1) I'm very busy this week with work and entertaining a house guest, so I'm probably going to still be on a light-posting schedule for another week more. Please bear with me.

2) Yes, I know about the gaffes Mark Kirk has been making. Doesn't seem to have affected his poll numbers (Rasmussen still has him ahead), but I acknowledge they're boneheaded and potentially embarrassing to his campaign (though in truth, I also think they are pretty dang minor errors). It still doesn't change two things: 1) I still think he's clearly the better candidate over Gianoullias; and 2) we're still five months away from the election. Right now, people are more concerned with sunbathing and Central Division standings; I doubt anyone but political junkies are paying any attention. People won't start caring until late August at the earliest, September at the most likely. Until then, its mostly just hot air.

3) Addendum to above: I predict R2000/Daily Kos will put a poll out over the summer showing Gianoullias with a slim lead. Again, like I've been saying all along, these polls don't mean a thing right now except for bragging rights. Wait until September, when the real race begins.

4) Going to Colorado this year, starting July 8. Watch this blog for extensive coverage!

5) Saw this, couldn't resist posting:

Hat tip: Jay Nordlinger @ The Corner, National Review Online

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