02 October, 2009

Obama and the Olympics

Okay, the Obama administration does get some flack around here, I'll admit that. But what the hell?!?

I understand that some people want to pin Chicago's loss on Obama. But c'mon, get real. IT'S THE FREAK'IN OLYMPICS. They're nice to have, would have been nicer still if they were in Chicago, but its hardly the end of the effing world that we didn't get them. Or that its some huge, decisive political defeat for the Obama administration. Chicago gave it their best shot, and so did the President. Doesn't mean we can't try again for the 2020 Olympics.

Geez, people. Give it a rest. There are more important things to get all bent out of shape about.

IOC Vote totals are making it pretty obvious that Chicago had no chance. Rio was going to walk away with it from the very start. The only one who really had a fighting chance was Madrid, and that was primarily because Juan Antonio Samaranch had been an IOC President and promoter of the Olympic Games for decades. His appeal to the IOC was basically "Do this for me, because I have done well for you all my life." And it almost worked.

Yes, the fix was in. But this time, Chicago wasn't the one stuffing the ballot box.

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