02 November, 2009

Election 2009 - The Night Before

Some quick notes, just on the off chance anyone actually cares what I have to say.

New Jersey Governor: Looks like it might be slipping out of Christie's hands. Two polls this evening -- Monmouth/Gannett and FDU PublicMind -- have Corzine up by 2 and 1 percentage points, respectively. However, both polls are in the margin of error. Looking at the nuts and bolts of both polls, each seems to be heavily weighted towards Democrats, but since New Jersey is a heavily Democrat state that's to be expected. Christie might yet pull it off, since both poll results are within the margin of error. But like many are saying this evening, the closer the election, the more likely the voter fraud to throw it Corzine's way.

New York 23rd District: Hoffman looks like he has all the momentum. Following on the heals of PPP's poll showing an unlikely lead of 17 points, Siena has a poll out putting Hoffman up by 5 points. And some Hoffman supporters are claiming online that Hoffman's internal polling suggests it will indeed be a blowout.

Virginia Governor: The polls haven't even opened yet, and Virginia Democrats are already conceding defeat.

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