24 May, 2006

Pull List - Week of May 24

I don't think I actually posted my pull list for this week.  Not that anyone cares, I suppose, but here we go anyway:

52 #3 - So far, its the second best series DC is currently putting out.
Birds of Prey #94 - Starting to really like Gail Simone's writing.  Not too pleased with the way Dick/Babs was handled OYL, though.
Blue Beetle #3 - Another new series I'm really enjoying.
Crisis Aftermath: Battle for Bludhaven #4 - Not really enjoying this one as much.  Its OK, but that's it.  Will probable post a review when the whole series is released.
Secret Six #1 - Liked the original Villains United mini series, can't wait to see what Simone does with the characters now.
Teen Titans #36 - As if I would miss this.
Checkmate #2 - According to Diamond, its shipping this week.
Legion of Super Heroes: Death of a Dream (TPB)


KTHunter said...

That's very close to my pull list. I'm enjoying the Battle for Bludhaven, actually. I really like the Atmoic Knights.

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