24 May, 2006

The Beast Boy and Raven Comic Book Watch - Week of May 24, 2006

Teen Titans #36
Story by Geoff Johns, Pencils by Tony Daniel, Inks by Kevin Conrad, Andy Lanning & Norm Rapmund

No mention of Raven in this issue or what happened, but some very fishy things are going on with the Doom Patrol

1) First page of the issue. The Brain and Mallah share some quality “Bwahahahaha!” time:

2) Lots of good images of Beast Boy. Here, Gar explains why he left the Teen Titans for the Doom Patrol:

3) Mento is back, too. But something is wrong with him, and the Doom Patrol itself. Here, Garfield shares a poignant moment with his adoptive father.

4) The Chief is being manipulative and creepy, and evidently has Gar in his control. This can’t be good.

Mind control, perhaps? Might that be a clue as to what happened with Gar and Raven? Despite all of this, on some level Gar appears to know that there is something wrong. But he can’t quite seem to voice his apprehensions.

NOTE: Mal is back, but he is no longer called Herald. His new name is Vox, which is connected with how his powers have changed.

52 #3 (“History of the DCU”, pt. II)
Story by Dan Jurgens; Art by Dan Jurgens & Art Thibert; Inks by Guy Major & Jeremy Cox

No appearance by either Garfield or Raven in the main issue, but they do get something in the “History of the DCU” back-up feature at the issue’s end.

1) The New Teen Titans:


The next issue of Teen Titans is scheduled for June 21 release. The current OYL team of Teen Titans are also appearing in the Battle for Bludhaven mini-series, but since neither Gar nor Raven are on that team (and are not expected to appear) I do not at this time plan on posting any scans from it. But if you like the OYL Titans, I do recommend picking it up. As for the previously announced Raven mini series, no date has been announced for Issue #1 but September-October is widely believed to be when it will appear.

The Garfield-led Teen Titans will be making periodic appearances in the pages of 52, so keep your eyes peeled. We may even get some Gar/Rae goodness in there. I also recommend periodically checking with my blog; it is my intention to post minor updates (minor appearances and such) as warranted there, while leaving major updates (like Teen Titans issues) to these pages.

Remember, Keep the Faith, don’t let the bashers get you down, and SUPPORT BB & RAE - BUY THE TEEN TITANS COMIC BOOK!!


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