27 September, 2009

Only Six Days to go...

...before Chicago finds out if we're hosting the 2016 Olympic games.  Crossing my fingers we get the nod.  Although truthfully, I've never found the Summer Olympics nearly as interesting as the Winter Olympics (of which, we have only a scant five months before the next iteration thereof).

Personal gut feeling?  I think Chicago is going to lose out to Rio de Janero, but just barely.  Just the feeling I've had for a few weeks.  The US has hosted the Summer games many, many times, whilst South America hasn't hosted a single one (the closest was Mexico City in, I believe, 1964).  Tokyo and Madrid, the other two contenders, have both hosted the games before, so I tend to think they'll get a pass this time.  The Olympic committee has stated in the past that they tend to prefer bringing the games to places they've never been to before.  While Chicago has never hosted the games in the past, the United States has several times.  South America, however, is an entire continent that has never had the games before, so I think that will end up being the deciding factor.

But I could be wrong.  Hope I am.  But I don't expect to be.

Anyway, looking forward to the announcements at the end of the week, but not getting my hopes up too high.

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