24 September, 2009

ACORN: Epic Fail

So, you're a nationwide organization whose primary purpose is to help low income people in matters of housing and "community action". You also dabble a little bit in politics, but that's another story entirely. Anyway, two young filmmakers manage to expose the fact that your organization seems to have a blindspot, in that many of your lowest level employees seem perfectly willing -- even enthusiastically willing -- to aid and abet criminal activity in the name of your organization, even to the extent of offering helpful advise on how to get away with it (I particularly like the guy in San Diego who told the filmmakers the best places for them to smuggle underage prostitutes over the border).

Anyplace else, the reaction would be "Thank you for bringing this to our attention.", while they investigate what went wrong and try to change their corporate culture. But ACORN's reaction?

They sue the filmmakers who exposed them.

Way to go about repairing your image, guys.

An attorney weighs in on the lawsuit here.

Another attorney chimes in here.

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