01 November, 2006

Wizard Magazine Lays the Odds

Wizard Magazine has laid down the odds as to who will be rounding out the new team in Teen Titans. Beast Boy is mentioned as a possibility, and this is what they have to say:

Hey. At least Gar/Rae is getting mentioned in Wizard. We've hit the big time! And to think a year ago we were being told "It will never, never, never, never, never, (ad nauseum) never ever happen..."

Full Disclosure Time: While Wizard places the odds as being pretty good that Gar will be returning to the team, I'm still sceptical. Yes, I'd love to see it happen right now. But Gar returning now doesn't quite jive with some of the other things I've been hearing, especially in regards to any new Doom Patrol series. I guess we'll get a better idea on what the likelihood is when Teen Titans #40 comes out next week; if Gar is not in that issue, then the odds are pretty unlikely he'll be suddenly popping up in Teen Titans #41 (when the "final" team is officially revealed).

Bottom Line: Gar fans, keep your hopes firmly in check and don't read too much into this. Wait until the issues come out, and celebrate and/or commiserate when the time comes.

(Special thanks to KTHunter for pointing this little tidbit out!)


Sara said...

I saw that too, and I was happy!
Wizard staffers are awesome for mentioning it.
I hope their prediction is correct and Gar re-joins the team!

Oh, also, in Justice #8, Gar can be seen when the Doom Patrol arrives at the Fortress of Solitude (I think he's a giraffe)
Just FYI for your next Gar & Raven ComicWatch update. :)


DeTroyes said...


Good to know someone is reading this thing...