09 November, 2006

The Beast Boy & Raven Comic Book Watch - 11/8/06

Here we are again, with yet another long-awaited (aren't they all?) issue of Teen Titans.

Teen Titans #40
Story by Geoff Johns; Pencils by Tony Daniel; Inks by Kevin Conrad

Continuation of the "Titans Around the World" arc. Frustratingly, no mention of Gar.

1) Raven arrives at a very familiar place, namely the same temple of the Church of Blood where she was resurrected.

2) While attempting some kind of ceremony, she is interrupted by Cassie and Kid Devil. Startled by Kid Devil's appearance (he bears a passing resemblance to Trigon, after all), she reacts.

3) Raven sorts matters out with her teammates, but then Bombshell (who is revealed to be the unknown "traitor" to the Titans during the One Year) intervenes. Raven and Bombshell struggle, and a certain disc falls into the pool of blood, causing the resurrection of....

Yep. Its Jericho.


At this moment there is no idea what this means to the Gar/Rae 'ship. Jericho and Raven seemed to be rather close in the old NTT days, but Marv Wolfman has always been adament that they were NOT romantically involved nor did he ever intend them to be. So make of that what you will. Since recent issues have seemed to indicate that Raven regrets breaking it off with Gar, and since there also seems to be an indication that Zatarra is interested in Raven, I'm tending to think the intention is going to be a potential Gar/Rae/Zatarra triangle rather than a Gar/Rae/Joey one. Again, I guess the only thing I can say is that time will tell. One thing I can say, though, is that Joey is almost certianly rejoining the Titans; he has been revealed to be one of the shadows on the preliminary cover for Teen Titans #41.

Which in turn means, Gar is not coming back to the Titans (at least for the moment) and will continue to be exiled into comic limbo. :(


The next issue of Teen Titans, #41, is scheduled for November 29th release. This will wrap up the "Titans Around the World" storyline. After that, Teen Titans #42 is scheduled for December 13th release. Teen Titans #42 will be mostly a solo story starring Kid Devil, but Zatarra is suppose to be showing up in the issue as well. Chances are, one of these two issues will probably give us our first real clue as to what to expect from here on out.

There is supposed to be a Titans appearance in 52 sometime before Christmas, but no idea as yet which issue; that will probably be the next time we see any sign of Gar. For general information, Cyborg recently appeared in The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #5, while Cyborg and Wonder Girl also made an appearance in The Omega Men #1 (and are expected to be in the second issue as well). And of course, other cameos are always possible.

Keep the faith, guys. We'll get through this.



Sara said...

Well, there wasn't direct mention of Beast Boy, but he did make a brief apperance in the opening flashback (the panel with Ravager and Deathstroke.)
It's an apperance, at least.
I still haven't seen you post the one of Gar from issue #8 of Justice. :)


DeTroyes said...

Probably because I haven't yet read Justice #8...

And stupid me, I didn't notice that was Gar that Ravager was holder her sword to (TT #40, pg. 1). Thanks for the tip.

Gonna have to do an update...

Sara said...

Ah, that would explain the lack of Justice scans.

And you're welcome. :)


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