21 August, 2006

The Beast Boy & Raven Comic Book Watch - 8/21/06

Just a quick BBRCBW entry to bring us up to date. Yeah, I'm still swamped with stuff. But here are a couple more from recent issues that I've found.

52 #8 ("History of the DC Universe, pt. 7")
Story by Dan Jurgens, Inks by Andy Lanning

Neither Gar nor Raven have appeared at all in 52 since the first week, but they do seem to be periodically popping up in the back-up feature.

1) In Part 7 of History of the DC Universe, the pre-OYL team of Titans are mentioned with an appropriate illustration.

Secret Six #3
Story by Gail Simone, Pencils by Brad Walker, Inks by Jimmy Palmiotti

1) As a lead-in to the crossover next issue, the last page of Secret Six #3 has the team of anti-heroes encounter the Doom Patrol. Gar is there in the form of a goose.

Note Mento way in the background.


I don't think there are any more images I've missed from the past few months, but I could be wrong. I'm still about a mnnth and a half behind on my comics, though. But if I find anything else of interest, you can be sure I'll post it here.

A few release notes: As most everyone knows, Teen Titans #38 was pushed back to the end of August. Its current release date is August 30, next week. There should be at least a few images in there to post. Gar and the Doom Patrol will be encountering the Secret Six in Secret Six #4, which should come out in mid-September. At the end of September will be the release of 52 #21, which will definetely have one of the Gar-led Titans teams in it; that may be the only glimpse we'll ever get of Gar and Raven on the same team during the One Year (BLAH!). As for way on the horizon, the release of Raven #1 seems to have been pushed back, possibly until early 2007. No idea why, although perhaps DC wants to make certain the mini series is substantially written before committing to a release date (according to Marv Wolfman's blog, the script for #1 was handed in about a month ago and #2 was still being written). As for where Gar will actually end up... no news. Sadly, its looking like he'll be in limbo for quite some time to come.

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