01 June, 2006

The Beast Boy and Raven Comic Book Watch - Week of May 31

Superman/Batman #26
Story by Sam Loeb; art and script by a whole lot of people.

This was a special memorial issue to Sam Loeb, the son of Jeph Loeb, who died of cancer last year at the age of only 17. Sam was a big fan of Conner and Tim Drake, and had written a story outline that he wanted to develope and submit. After his death, a large number of his friends - many of them comics proffessionals themselves - decided to finish his story and produce a special memorial issue of Superman/Batman, with the proceeds going to charity. Superman/Batman #26 is that issue. Many very well known names, both writers and artists, contributed. If you buy only one comic this week, I urge you to make it this one. It's a very good tribute to Sam Loeb, made even more poignant by recent events in the DC Universe.

I won't go into too many details about the plot, because it's really beside the point. Suffice to say, Tim Drake (Robin) and Conner (Superboy) are asked to investigate the seeming disappearance of the new Toyman, a 13-year-old kid who lives in Japan. At the Toyman's lair, they encounter a number of puzzles, traps, and challenges... some of them much less deadly than others.

1) Conner finds a hot tub with a bunch of robots. Very familiar looking robots....

(Script: Joe Kelley; pencils & inks: Art Adams; colors: Aspen)

2) At the end of the issue, we find everyone gathered at a memorial to Conner.

(Script: Jeph Loeb; pencils: Ed McGuiness; inks: Dexter Vines; colors: Aspen)


That's it for this week.


Quiggly said...

I read Sam's Story a few months ago, and I have to say that it had me in tears by the end. I have to find a way to pick this issue up.

KTHunter said...

I really, really loved this issue. I think a lot of people will appreciate it. It is more than just a memorial issue. It's a good story about a friendship remembered. I laughed so hard in parts that I thought I was going to hurt myself. And Sam's Story made my bawl like a baby. Honestly, folks, Sam has a great story here. It makes me wish I could have met him. I encourage everyone to get a copy, especially if you are a Titans fan.

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