02 March, 2006

New Doctor Who

The new Doctor Who series is set to premiere on The SciFi Channel, starting on March 17. I've already seen the episodes (courtesy of bit torrent - the series came out last year in the UK), and I can tell you that the new series is excellent. For all of you guys who spent a large chunk of the 1980s staying up late on the weekend to watch the original Doctor Who on PBS, this series will be a real treat.

Check out SciFi's page on the new series:
Doctor Who on SciFi

Also check out the BBC's website for information on the second season, which is slated to start sometime in the spring (including Anthony Steward Head guesting in one episode, as well as an appearance by former companions Sarah Jane Smith and K-9. Oh yeah, and the Cybermen):
Doctor Who - BBC Homepage

And while we're at it, two other great Doctor Who sites to mention:

Up to date information on Doctor Who both new and old:
Doctor Who News - Outpost Gallifrey

And for those who miss the old days of the original series, did you know that they are making audio dramas starring many of the original cast members in NEW adventures? Including spinoffs focusing on some of the more popular characters (Sarah Jane Smith, Romana & Leela, UNIT, not to mention Dalek and Cybermen serials)? Check these out:
Big Finish: The Doctor Who Audio Adventures

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