17 September, 2010

New Poll Still Puts Kirk Ahead

A new poll has come out which once more puts Mark Kirk in the lead, 39-36.

On the one hand, this is a clear indication once more that the momentum in this campaign has swung back to Mark Kirk. This particular poll used the largest sample (1,379 Likely Voters) so far of any polls to date, and still found that Kirk was clearly the preference. But on the other... I've got to admit, I know nothing about the organization behind this poll (We Ask America), and so I really don't have a good feel on their methodology, much less their track record. So while I'm pleased to see another poll with Kirk ahead, I'm a little inclined to suggest that perhaps this poll should carry a little less significant weight than one conducted by an organization with a more proven track record. Still, we take the good news where we can find it.

Still expecting a PPP poll on this race any day now. I'm also mildly surprised that no other major polling organization has chimed in, though I expect that will undoubtedly change soon.

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