20 September, 2010

Illinois Races updates

With six weeks to go, things are starting to heat up.

* Pat Quinn is starting to sound very, very frustrated that his challenger Bill Brady has a double-digit lead, and is starting to lash out at him. (Link Source: Peoria Journal-Star)

* More and more, media outlets are asking if Illinois is turning purple. (Link Source: St. Louis Today)

* Alexi Giannoulias is complaining about a series of attack ads about to air in Illinois before they are even aired. (Link Source: Fox News Chicago) (oh, come on, Mr. Giannoulias!! Your campaign is running those Kirk Lied ads, which are a complete load of BULLSHIT!)

* But Giannoulias now has another problem he has to contend with: another person connected with his campaign has once more been linked to the Mob. (Link Source: Fox News)

Hat Tip for all of the above: Illinois Today, by Mytheos Holt (Battle '10 Blog, NRO)

Rasmussen should have another poll out this week on the Senate race, probably on Tuesday or Wednesday. Best bet is that it will still show a close race, but with Kirk ahead around 4 percentage points.

Also of interest:

* Democratic candidate Debbie Halvorson (IL-11) has some explaining to do. It seems several people from her campaign were caught on video participating in a rather disgusting, hate-filled protest of Sarah Palin. Halvorson herself has condemned the antics of this group, but other websites have identified members of the protest has being people closely associated with Halvorson's campaign... including her Campaign Manager. Several of her supporters are coming to her aid, with sometimes unintentionally funny results. Meanwhile, the question has to he asked.... how come its always big news if a Democrat is depicted with a Hitler mustache, but the long-standing Left tradition of depicting Republicans as Nazi's goes almost unreported?

By the way, one of the reasons why the Halvorson campaign might be a little angry and frustrated right now is... her Republican challenger Kinzinger currently leads by 20 percentage points. This in a district the Democrats confidently thought was "safe" only a few months ago.

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