29 September, 2010

Fortress of If Endorsements

Eagle-eyed readers will notice that I have added an endorsement for Adam Kinzinger for Congress at left. Please give to his campaign, and if you live in the Illinois 11th District, vote for him to replace Debbie Halvorson. The Halvorson campaign's continued smearing of Adam Kinzinger has really pissed me off, and has made me conclude that Halvorson does not deserve to be a US Representative.

Another candidate who I think does not deserve to be re-elected is down in Florida. Alan Grayson represents the Orlando metropolitan area, and he has been smearing his opponent with twisted lies to such an extent that even FactCheck.Org has cried foul. So, here is my official endorsement of his opponent, Daniel Webster.

Over in California ("Kah-li-forn-ya"), Van Tran is fighting representative Loretta Sanchez... who has been responding to her opponent by waging a campaign tinged with racism.  Tensions between the the districts sizable Hispanic and Vietnamese communities have been rising for years, and Sanchez recently sought to take advantage of that by appealing to her Hispanic base, telling them that the Republicans and the Vietnamese were conspiring to steal the election from the Hispanics.  For this and other race-baiting transgressions, I would like to say: Van Tran for Congress:

Here's a guy who is basically in a longshot campaign.  Sean Bielat is running against Barney Franks in the Massachusetts 4th District.  Now, normally that would mean he was essentially the GOP sacrificial lamb.  But this year Franks goes into the election cycle wounded politically, in a year that is shaping up to be unkind to Democrats.  Whats more, he's in a district that heavily voted for Scott Brown earlier this year.  So if there is any year where a chance exists to unseat Barney Franks from his perch, this is it.

Sean Bielat for Congress (Massachusetts, 4th District)

 Sean Duffy gets my endorsement for his wonderful ads:

Joel Demos likewise gets my endorsement for the same reason (though he is campaigning in a district so heavily Democrat that he is basically tilting at windmills):

That's it for the moment.  Gonna think about whether or not to make some other endorsements, particularly in various Senate races.

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