28 September, 2010

Election 2010 tidbits

* The US Federal Seventh Circuit has upheld the exclusion of Sen. Roland Burris (IL-Blago) from the Illinois senatorial Special Election. This means that, no matter who wins in November, Sen. Burris will be leaving during the lame duck session and not after it. Nice discussion about the decision here. This means his entire US Senate career will have lasted around 22 months. Good riddance. (Hat Tip: The Volokh Conspiracy)

* New polls out today for both the Kirk vs. Giannoulias and Brady vs. Quinn races, this time from Pulse Opinion Research/Fox News. In the Senate race, Kirk is ahead by two percentage points 42-40, while in the Governor race Brady is ahead 46-36. Mildly worried about the narrowing in the Kirk vs. Giannoulias race, but its probably to be expected. I still expect Kirk to win, but have been saying it was likely to be closer than I would like. As for Brady, it looks likely he will essentially walk away with this election; Quinn is getting very little, if any, traction against him.

* Another sign that Quinn is in trouble: He has virtually no support downstate.

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