26 August, 2010

Politics and Miss Universe

Missed by just about everyone in this country (except probably by Oliver Stone), the outgoing Miss Universe -- Stefania Fernandez of Venezuala -- made something of a political statement last Monday night, as she passed the crown to Jimena Navarrete of Mexico.

She went on the stage... bearing an older, pre-Hugo Chavez version of her country's flag, rather than the current one that she has had to carry since she was originally crowned Miss Venezuala.

In other words, she just gave a big F-U to the regime running her country into the ground. And since the pageant ran live on state-run television in Venezuala, you can bet the gesture was not lost on her country's viewers.

The Killing Fields Of Caracas (Investor's Business Daily)
(Hat tip: The killing fields of Caracas - Power Line blog)

Oh, and according to statistics released this week... it is actually safer now to live in Iraq than it is to live in the Venezuala of Huga Chavez. In 2009, for instance, there were 4,644 "violent civilian deaths" in Iraq; but according to the Venezuela Observatory of Violence, the number was 16,047 in Venezuala.

Socialist mecca my ass. And the William Duranty-types in this country who excuse, apologize, and vehemently support this regime should be ashamed of themselves.

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